"As a church we exist to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be a Christ-centered community and to fulfill the Great Commission in the Bay Area and the world for the glory of God."

Core Values

1. God-glorifying worship

We strive to have a healthy Sunday worship that focuses on glorifying God through praise and Christ-centered preaching. Worship will provide the additional benefit of encouraging everyone with a blessing and challenge as they start the work week.

2. Gospel movement

Our church will push its members to have an evangelistic lifestyle in order to actively fulfill the Great Commission in the Bay Area and beyond. A church that does not share the Gospel is a church that does not experience the joy and satisfaction of knowing God.

3. Genuine personal community

One of the biggest strengths of our church throughout the years has been our ability to foster a community. Community groups offer small, Christ-centered gatherings for weekday reflection, fellowship and accountability, and a smaller setting for sharing Christ with seekers.

3. Discipleship

The Apostle Paul describes the pursuit of holiness is similar to an athlete in training. We will strive to offer substantive spiritual training through mentorships with others. Creating disciples will also seed future disciplers, creating a pattern of healthy, organic growth in our church.

5. Christian service

God's love is meant to be given to others. Loving our neighbors through loving volunteerism and social justice is an important expression of God's love by the church.

6. Active church planting

As we grow, we want to continue to reach the Bay Area through planting churches. A particularized church with its own pastors and board of elders will be best equipped to minister to its members in that region, encouraging ministry that's more localized to where the members live and work. We also believe that having too large of a congregation can be an obstacle to the core value of having genuine community.