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“Gospel Conduct”


Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website; we hope you visit our church soon. Here's a quick guide to our church to get you started:

Sunday Service begins at 9:50am

50 Northridge Drive, Daly City, CA

The best way to get to know us is through:

  • Our community groups
  • Our newcomer lunches after service

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Community Groups

Community group Location Day Time Contact
East BayOaklandThursday7:00pmTommy Lee, Sam Min
East BayAlamedaThursday7:30pmRyan Shim, Justine Song
San FranciscoSunsetSunday5:00pmIke Ku, Jen Ku
San FranciscoPotrero HillThursday7:00pmJane Lee, Peter Hwang
San FranciscoJapantownThursday7:30pmIn Cho, Jayne Cho, Aryun Kim
PeninsulaBurlingameSunday2:00pmEddie Lee, Junie Lee
PeninsulaSan BrunoThursday7:30pmMichael Kim, Malissa Karpman, Joel Lee, Sarah Lee
PeninsulaDaly CityFriday7:30pmMike Hong, Karen Hong
South BayCupertinoThursday7:30pmKwan Jun, Hannah Jun